About - Photos By Robert Davis

Robert Davis is a Minneapolis, Minnesota based photographer who enjoys candid, event, street and landscape photography. His favorite medium is black and white. He takes a lot of photos of his dogs, including his new German Shepherd puppy, Thorin Oakenshield of Green Barn German Shepherd Dogs

Robert has taken photos for various non-profits, retail, corporate profiles, local bands, digital magazines and artists in the Twin Cities. 

Robert recently completed his project, A Walk With Wolves, an adventure in black and white photography with his World of Warcraft friends during a New Years trip to their home in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

While not taking photos, Robert enjoys time with his dogs, listening to audible, taking piano lessons, visiting breweries and occasionally playing online games.

Robert is currently blogging at  https://onlyjesus.blog

He has recently moved to the Smug Mug platform and will be adding new photos and galleries over the coming weeks.